February 1, 2017

Statement from SUNY Empire State College President Merodie A. Hancock

SUNY Empire State College Press Release

“The President's Executive Order on Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements has led to fear and confusion for many institutions of higher education.

“Its immediate impact on the college and our students is minimal, but given our international footprint, we are monitoring developments in this area for anything that specifically will have bearing on the college and the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff traveling or assigned abroad.

“As a college community, we remain committed to sustaining our open and inclusive academic environment, and to carrying on with our founding principles of open access and full engagement in the processes of research, scholarship, teaching and learning.

“Our strength as an institution of public higher education and ability to meet our mission depends on the diversity of thought, freedom of expression and the collective experience of our faculty, students and staff.

“We stand together with our colleagues across higher education in supporting inclusive and diverse learning communities.”