Manufacturing Management Certificate

Stock image: Manufacturing Management CertificateA resurgence of manufacturing across the state of New York has created a critical need for individuals with an understanding of manufacturing technologies, processes and systems and the global supply chain. In response to this growing need, Empire State University has developed a new undergraduate certificate program in manufacturing management designed for professionals who do not currently hold a degree in the field.

The undergraduate certificate in manufacturing management is designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals working in the manufacturing sector, who seek professional growth and advancement in their careers. The certificate program helps students learn to successfully supervise manufacturing operations, while providing expertise in a variety of areas, such as production planning, inventory management, project management, and supply-chain management. The 24-credit certificate is aimed at students who want to become managers in the manufacturing environment.

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to demonstrate an enhanced understanding of:

  • The dynamics of a manufacturing organization and how it operates within a global environment
  • Global supply chains, including the impact of information technology along with supply-chain design
  • Management and leadership skills in a production-based environment
  • Lean manufacturing, resource planning, plant layout, inventory controls and production planning and supervision
  • The use of analytical tools to improve operations modeling and evaluation of outputs
  • Manufacturing strategies and principles from a preventative and predictive maintenance standpoint
  • Methods to translate customer demand into effective production and service delivery models

The certificate courses are fully applicable to a bachelor’s degree program developed in the business, management and economics (BME) area of study. Certificate students who are concurrently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program are eligible to apply for federal financial aid, while students who enroll only in the certificate program are not.


MGMT 1005 Principles of Management (4 credits, introductory level) 
This study is designed to introduce students to basic principles and functions of management in an organizational setting including decision-making, planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. The roles and functions of managers are examined within the context of organizational structure, cultural diversity, teamwork, ethics and global challenges. 

MATH 1065 Statistics (4 credits, introductory level) 
The focus of this course is on the application and use of statistics, rather than the detailed complexity of the underlying mathematics. Students will study and apply the fundamental concepts and methods of data analysis, including both descriptive and inferential statistics, including arranging data, tables and graphs, measures of central tendency and dispersion, regression analysis, correlation, sampling, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. The student will make use of technology-based tools (Excel, StatCrunch, etc.) to assist in summarizing, interpreting, and communicating with data. Algebra would provide a good background for statistics, although the minimum entering skills would be arithmetic essentials (fractions, decimals, ratios) and graphing. 

MGMT 4025 Manufacturing Management (4 credits, advanced) 
In this course the student will acquire an in-depth understanding of manufacturing management. The study includes exploration of the fundamentals of manufacturing management, resource planning, concepts of lean manufacturing, leadership manufacturing management, synchronous manufacturing, manufacturing resource planning and total productive maintenance. 

MGMT 3080 Supply Chain Management in the Global Context (4 credits, advanced) 
The focus of this study is on the global contexts and influence of international trade on supply chains. International supply chains are investigated and dynamics and the impact of international laws and trade are examined. Students will explore other aspects such as building international strategic partnerships across different entities in supply chains, factors impacting supply chain design, procurement and strategic purchasing in the global supply chains, global logistics and transportation management, role of information technology and information sharing in global supply chains, coordination patterns in global supply chains and risk and revenue management. 

INFT 3035 Project Management (4 credits, advanced) 
Project management requires a combination of understanding the project life cycle, organizational, behavioral, and management concerns, and project management tools. This course provides students with at least an introduction to all of these in a comprehensive, non-fragmented way, and gives them the foundation to further develop their abilities. Students will acquire project management knowledge that can be helpful in thinking about, understanding, discussing, and managing projects. 

MGMT 3050 Operations Management (4 credits, advanced) 
In this course students will learn about the concepts, methodologies, and challenges of operations management. Operations management involves the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of resources for an organization's transformation of inputs to desired outputs - the production of and delivery of goods and/or services to customers. The student will develop an understanding of the factors that are balanced to optimize the effectiveness of delivering these products and/or services. Quantitative and qualitative analytical methodologies aiding in the manager's decision making process will be explored. Students will study the strategic importance of operations. Topics covered will include process and operations design, capacity, inventory management, forecasting, quality, aggregate and resource planning, just-in-time and lean operations, product design, supply chain, technology utilization and operations in a global context. 

Enroll in the Certificate Program for Manufacturing Management

Currently enrolled students: Submit the online Degree Add/Change Request Form, select “add” then select “CUG” for degree, and choose “Manufacturing Management” for program.

Not Currently Enrolled?

If you are not currently enrolled, you can still register for a certificate program. Apply onlinefor the certificate program. Applicants to the undergraduate certificates are required to fulfill the same admissions requirements as the associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Certificate students who are concurrently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program are eligible to apply for federal financial aid, while students who enroll only in the certificate program are not.

Certificate Program Coordinator

Dr. Anant Deshpande
Full Professor and Associate Department Chair for Management, SUNY Empire Online
518-587-2100, ext. 2874