Homeland Security

Students develop Homeland Security concentrations to explore the threats to America posed by internal and external organizations who would do us harm. You will develop an understanding and appreciation of:

  • the causes of terrorism
  • responses to terrorist acts
  • controversies resulting from protective actions
  • the tension between concerns for privacy and the desire to identify those with destructive intentions

As a professional in this area, you will want to understand and use the tools available within the criminal justice system to address threats to our well-being. You will also draw on expertise within the field of emergency management to prepare for, respond to, and recover from attacks on the community and society-at-large.

Courses Relevant to Homeland Security

  • CRJS 3009 Criminal Law & Procedure
  • CRJS 3020 Crime and Intelligence Analysis
  • CRJS 4015 Criminal Justice Management and Policy
  • EMGT 3035 Managing Bio-Terrorism and Public Health Emergencies
  • EMGT 3045 Mass Disasters: Implications for Public Policy
  • PAFF 2005 Introduction to Homeland Security
  • PAFF 3005 Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • SOCI 3040 Deviance & Social Control
  • SOCI 3045 Disaster and Society
  • SOCI 3065 Perspectives on Terrorism
  • SOCI 4035 Privacy, Security, and Freedom: Social Concerns for the 21st Century